my iheartDublin design project

It was after the (brilliant) weekend of #OFFSET Dublin 2012 that I decided I needed give myself a creative kick up the hole after watching speaker after speaker blow our minds with amazing work, inspiring talks and some really good industry advice. There was one thing that stood out from all the talks and presentations which was the Side Project!!

I had a good hard think about what would be an interesting project and push me creatively. it was a no-brainer really, I spend all my time either designing taking photographs or on for long walks around the city. I love Dublin's history, its people, its culture, its music, it's galleries, it's restaurants, its boozers.

So then I decided to set up a Facebook page called IheartDublin where I sold customised prints and one-off illustrations for people on Facebook. We sold a good few prints but work kinda took over so the page has taken a bit of a hiatus.

This print won a competition in the Little Museum of Dublin and was featured in an exhibition in their gallery.

One (or three actually) advantages of working on the quays. The beautiful Calatrava bridge on John Rogersons quay.

One of the many side streets to this project is pictured below. It's a Dublin Pub Quiz poster featuring some of Dublin's pubs (famous and unfamous)

I illustrated them with most of their recognizable features removed to make it difficult to guess them.